Do you want to sell or rent your property?

We will be happy to help you rent or sell your house or apartment. We are allways looking for family houses, apartments, studios, apartments duplexes and land for our costumers.

Alfredo Real Estate Offers:

A competent and fair estimate of the value of your property proffesional advertising campaign, including publication on the Internet, local press and own distribution channels access to our database of clients and other resources.

Samples of the property to potential buyers, customized contracts to ensure complete financial security.

Do you know how enhance the appeal of your home?

The aroma plays a subtle but very important in the decision of any buyer role. Try to bake some cookies before showing your home, you will be bathed in a sweet aroma that make it more attractive to buyers.

It is also desirable to prune trees and shrubs and throughly clean the windows. If your house has a neglected appearance from the outside, buyers look more suspiciously every detail of the interior.

Call us at +34 822 10 60 21 (10:00 to 15:00) or contact us via the Internet to find out more about our advce on how to improve the 'appeal' of your home.

Come well prepared

Before undertaking the necessary steps, we will need this documentation and information relating to your property:
- Desired price
- Location (exact address)
- Type of real estate (house, apartment, studio, etc.)
- Year built
- Exact size
- Detailed plans
- Information on furnishings included
- Documentation on the property
- Brief description of the property

When you are ready to offer their property for sale or rent, or have trouble gathering the necessary documentation, please contact us, we will be happy to help you throughout the process.